Carpet fitter London

Michel is a London-based self employed tradesman who has fitted and repaired carpets on a commercial and domestic basis since the 70s. Back then business would be acquired by way of a classified ad in a certain yellow telephone directory. These days 99% of his customers find him via search engines.

This client brief was atypical: a no-nonsense 'workmanlike' website design with emphasis on search engine optimisation and visibility.

We spent around 8 weeks researching Michel's specific marketplace, analysing demographics and referencing digital mapping data before development of the first website began.

Carpet Fitter London new website
– Carpet fitter London designed by iolla

I mention 'first website' as the success of this initial launch led Michel to become a long-standing repeat client. We've worked in collaboration for over fourteen years on a network of no less than sixteen websites; each one focussed on a unique demographic and market sector.

Visit the Carpet fitter London website.